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A school in Malaysia had closed after a ghostly black figure in the hallways is seen, children and teachers in hyste...

Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez risks his own life by dangling from a 13th-floor window to save a dogs life

Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator> Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Turtle?

A deadly blue-ringed octopus appears out of an old tennis ball as children played with it after finding it in a rive...

A video has been released showing a snowboarder going downhill whilst unknowingly being chased by a black bear

A Japanese company is offering a goat-renting service to customers who need a friend or a natural lawn mower

A sinkhole appeared which swallowed 25 tonnes of fish from farmers fish farm

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