Weird Animal and Nature News

A conniving monkey manages to steal 10,000 rupees out of a cash register after waiting outside fo store front for do...

Wildlife experts place a GoPro camera on the back of a cheetah running a high speed

Bees chase a car for two days to rescue their queen who was trapped in the car

A camel was tied up outside all day during a heatwave in India when the owner came back the camel bit his head off

A drunk man is recorded jumping into a lion enclosure seen trying to shake hand with the deadly mammal

The Floridian man sends 5 of his dogs to attack smaller dog because the owner is a 'Terrorist prick'

Tourists in Yellowstone put a calf in their car because they thought it was cold, it was later rejected from its her...

A minor girl is stabbed and killed by her father and uncle, the attacker are attacked by a cow

Markus Meechan arrested after teaching girlfriend's pug a Nazi salute as a prank is now arrested for being racist

Kronenbourg 1664 will open a pop-up bar in London serving their own beer served by Dogs

Tunisian Couple win a cow after coming first in a mobile gaming competition for the app named "Bagra"

A video Of A Double Headed Lizard eating its prey has surfaced online, it is amazing

A video has surfaced online of a man attacking a popular pregnant seal

Owner Of Eugene Pet store used a Galago primate as payment for a prostitute after it was stolen from Zany Zoo Pet St...

A food truck in Seatle specializes in preparing food for man's best friend.

A school in Malaysia had closed after a ghostly black figure in the hallways is seen, children and teachers in hyste...

Diego Andrés Dávila Jimenez risks his own life by dangling from a 13th-floor window to save a dogs life

Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Alligator> Alligator > Alligator > Alligator > Turtle?

A deadly blue-ringed octopus appears out of an old tennis ball as children played with it after finding it in a rive...

A video has been released showing a snowboarder going downhill whilst unknowingly being chased by a black bear