Weird Animal and Nature News

Four Radford University fraternities have been suspended due to allegations of mistreatment of a goat

Police are searching for a man in a gorilla suit who burst into Idaho student apartment and terrified residents

A man is caught throwing a dog into a dumpster and then beating the animal behind apartment complex

A man dissolved after trying to bathe in the wrong hot spring in Yellowstone National Park

A real snake was found on a plane in Mexico as everybody lived out the 2006 blockbuster Snakes on a Plane without Sa...

A Chinese man tries his hardest to impress women at a zoo but his efforts are thwarted by a wrestling panda

A hungry giant spider is seen carrying a mouse for its dinner

NIght time CCTV footage has caught a man slicing a family's dog neck and mouth through the front gate

A mother koala is recorded helping her son after spotting him struggling to climb over a fence

Our featured Guest blogger Eugene Gabriel teaches us all about weird animal sleeping habits

A man rides a tamed ostrich through a busy Kazakhstani road

An apocalyptic like storm flattens and displaces large structures in Chorzow, Poland

When a tornado meets a forest fire we get the awesomely sounding and possibly destructive Firenado!

Warning no matter how well trained the lion, never hold a baby that close to a lion's mouth

A man attempts to get his favorite pet on a plane disguising it as a KFC burger

Terrifying footage shows a tornado tearing open buildings in an industrial area in Nothern Vietnam

A woman is spotted exiting her vehicle at a Safari when a tiger grabs her from behind and mauls her to death

Thieves attempt to block cameras of a charity using a fire extinguisher and black bags

Nobody knows how the bear got into the car and managed to lock itself inside

The video depicts the danger of litter for wild animals