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About Us

Welcome to the weird world of Weirld News. The place where we inform on the strange, funny, scary and extraordinary.

Who we are?

We are a newspaper with the focus on the production and distribution of online 'weird' news stories. Founded in 2015, our aim is to become the number one source for readers in search of weird factual stories. If you would like to join us in reporting on the weird and wonderful please feel free to submit you own article and share your news to readers all across the globe.

What we do?

We feature articles from a vast number of sources to bring our readers the latest weird and unforgettable stories. We carry out our daily mission to humour, astound and shock readers in our on going attempt to inform and entertain. Working with our content partners as well as producing original content in house, we hope to create a information platform that provides a forum for people to connect and interact with others around the world.